Indin Dance

Bollywood Movie Dance – es sind Tänze zur populären und beliebten Musik aus den indischen Filmen (Bollywood Filmen).

Not only prominent jewellery, but also colourful costumes and gowns made of Indian silk and brocades are a must. The choreography is completely based on the contents
of the song.
The theme of the song is quite often “Broken hearts”in balladic form.

Bollywood Dance by Lenajaan - in Tanzhaus Erfurt.


ind- FolkloreNorth Indian courtesean's dance. Dances of this nature were performed till the begining of the 20th century. The dancers entertain their rich guests with songs and dances.

The basis of this dance originates from Kathak – the Classical North Indian dance.
The dance comprises of also fast artistic expressions especially the coordination of the hands and the foot. Rich costume is extremely essential.

Films like “Umrao Jaan”, “Pakeeza” and “Devdas” are classical examples.


Dieser Tanz entstand in Punjab, eroberte aber die Discos auf der ganzen Welt  nicht zuletzt wegen seiner Fröhlichkeit, Ausgelassenheit und seines Temperaments.
Urspruenglich als Tanz zum Erntedankfest, ist er jetzt zum Tanz für alle Anlässe und für die ganze Familie avanciert - nicht nur in Indien und Pakistan.

Pakistani Mujra

Just as the name suggests, this dance originates from Pakistan.
Provocative, very temperamental, lively/nimble, witty - just like the Pakistanis.

These are love songs. The dancers who are weighed down with traditional jewellery are very feminine and dressed in tailormade costumes that depicts a majestic effect.

Indische Folklore

Dances from:






Lavni Dance, Lenajaan
Lavani Dance, Lenajaan



Kalbeliya Dance Lenajaan
Kalbeliya Dance, Lenajaan


Dandiya Raas, Garbha
Orissa: Sambalpuri

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