Lenajaan was born in Caucausian region. She grew up in a family of artists and musicians. She learnt Ballet and Folklore and performed in the Folklore Ensemble of the Dance School for various concerts and competitions.
Her travel with her family through Siberia and Central Asia (Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan), which lasted a few years lingered in her memories and completely transformed her in the direction of art and culture. The family lived near the Afghan borders as the Soviet army marched into Afganistan. They returned back to Caucaus on grounds of safety.
Right from her childhood Lenajaan was interested in Oriental and Indian dance. During those days, Bollywood films was “Opium for the public” – blooming gardens where richly adorned beautiful Princess sang and danced. She soon started to design costumes and choreograph for herself and her friends.
Lenajaan studied Foreign Languages and completed her Teachers' training.
During her student life in Moscow, she learnt Reggae, Samba, Salsa, Merengue and Afrodance.Lenajaan

After her move to Germany, she saw a show in Hannover organised by Nasra Eid. This show spurred her enthusiasm to learn Classical Oriental dance. She participated in the world renowned dancer, Leyla Jouwana's workshop and performances held in Duisburg and other cities.
The meeting with Molly Roy of Calcutta, a world famous Kathak and Bharathyanatyam dancer and the intensive study of Kathak has influenced Lenajaan's expressions and style as dancer.
She successfully completed her studies in Free Art in the Bauhaus University, Weimar and is a Qualified Artist.
Lenajaan has performed in various multicultural events as a Solodancer and also with her students.
Her performance is the highlight of the festivities of the Indian and Pakistani societies. Since the last few years her performance in the Diawli programme (the biggest religious festival in India) is a certainity.
Her dance is characterised by very good asthetics. With her own choreograph, she captivates her audience and emotionally carries them along. Her knowledge of Indian cinematography, allows her to present a very special dimension in her dance which brings back the old legends and wins the hearts of not only the Indians and Pakistanis but also those of Iranians and Arabians. Her European origin is completely forgotten as she enthralls her audience.
The costumes are authentic, very expensive and made of costly textiles and materials and results of her own designs